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Palabok – Sauce from scratch!

Palabok is a garlic-shrimp noodle dish from the Philippines. Novices may find the orange sauce a bit daunting, but the taste is amazing! I am not a HUGE fan of packet sauces, and I’ve always wanted to make palabok sauce from scratch. After a few attempts, here is an easy, quick (for Filipino food), and …


Filipino BBQ Chicken

Filipino BBQ is delicious – and as a recipe its simplicity is amazing. And I’m sure there are as many recipes for the marinade as there are people who love it. Most of the time, pork cubes are marinated in a combination of garlic, ketchup, soy sauce and vinegar (with the occasional secret ingredient of …


Baked Filipino Empanada

Filipino empanadas are somewhat nostalgic for me. I remember picking them up from a fast food restaurant in a double paper bag that quickly grew translucent with oil. Then, I learned how to make them from my mother and father, but we prefer to bake the empanadas with an egg wash rather than deep-fry them. …