Here is a list of books and websites that that are helpful for learning about different aspects of Philippine heritage. Where possible, I have provided links for purchasing these works. If you know of any other print resources that would be helpful for Filipinos who are trying to connect with their heritage, please send me an email! (I hope to add pages for web resources soon!)

books by Maximo Ramos
some original copies of my grandfather’s books

Books on Filipino Mythology and Folklore

Maximo D. Ramos

Maximo Ramos is known as the “dean of lower mythology” in the Philippines. He is my Lolo (grandfather), and I have so many memories of listening to his terrifying bedtime tales. I am very grateful to be able to share the titles of the books that he published on Philippine mythology. (Note: I do not receive any royalties from the sale of his books, but these are affiliate links.)

My favourite books on Filipino mythology

More books by Maximo Ramos

Other Books on Filipino Mythology


  • The Aswang Project: This site is an amazing collection of research and anecdotes about Philippine mythology and folklore. It is run by Jordan Clark, who has spent years in careful investigation in local literature and consultation in the Philippines.