Linda a curious coconut

Hi, I’m Linda!

I’m happy you’re here! And I hope that something on this site will give you  joy or spark a new interest. 

I first created this blog on a whim, and I called it “The Hungry Host” because I am always hungry, and I like to host. But as the years passed and our family grew, I became more and more sensitive to my cultural identity and what I wanted to teach my young children. I began to explore my Philippine heritage with more purpose, experimenting with recipes that blend traditional flavours with North American tools and ingredients and by collecting information about our language, history, culture, values, and mythology. I redesigned and restarted my blog to reflect this new focus.

Why are you a curious coconut?

I wanted to reclaim a term that has been thrown at me maliciously and teasingly throughout my life. We’re called coconuts or bananas by our first generation cousins while we brush off racial micro-aggression from co-workers or the occasional spit-filled scream of “Go back to Asia!”

So, who are we?

We’ve risen from the sacrifices of our parents and grandparents to occupy roles other than nanny or nurse. We don’t swap our Vs for Bs or Fs for Ps when we speak. We chafe against our collectivist culture while we search for imported ingredients to recreate ancestral recipes.

There are 12 million of us around the world. And as the second, third, or fourth generation of Filipino immigrants, we should be free to embrace the multidimensional nature of our cultural identity.

The Second Generation Gap
The Second Generation Gap (a simple imagining by the a curious coconut)


curious coconut
Logo designed and drawn by my husband.

What’s the story of your mascot?

Who? My little crazy, curious coconut? My wonderful husband drew this logo for me. 

If you haven’t already tried the Filipino dessert called halo-halo, you need to. The name translates to mix-mix – and it’s the mix of a dozen different ingredients that makes this so delicious.

And isn’t that what makes us awesome? We are all a mix-mix of our individual and collective experiences. And this site is not quite traditional, hence the dessert held inside a coconut shell. Let’s fill ourselves up with what’s good, yeah?

What can you expect on this site?

This is a site for exploration. I’ll be writing posts to inform but also to celebrate people in our community. The point is to spread love and awareness, and never to put down others in any way.

Here’s the kind of content I will be posting:

  • Traditional and fusion Filipino recipes
  • Lists featuring resources, people, products of interest to our community
  • Information and videos about mythology, history, language, dance, and other cultural aspects

Everything evolves, so I might venture into other areas as well! Let me know if you have any ideas.

Linda a curious coconut


I was born to Filipino parents in the United States. We moved to Montreal, Canada when I was in grade school. As I was growing up, my mother and grandmother schooled me in Filipino cooking, and my dad in baking. I got married, and my military husband and I have trekked across Canada and overseas, living in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the United Kingdom. We’ve visited over twenty countries in four continents.

I have three small children; two boys and a girl, and I love them to bits – even though it’s been really hard to keep the house clean for two minutes,

By day, I am a language instructor and instructional designer. In the evenings, I scramble after my family. At night (or in the wee hours of the morning), I dream up recipes for this blog. Most of all, I just like to welcome people into our home for warm conversation and food cooked with love and care. I hope you find this site encouraging and useful.

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