Hi, I’m Linda! I’m your Hungry Host

What’s up with the name of this blog, you ask? Well, I started this project in 2008, when I followed my military husband to a posting in the United Kingdom. Soon enough, we were inviting all our new friends over to squeeze into our small cottage to try all our favourite recipes – we always seemed to be eating! And so a friend dubbed us the “hungry hosts“, as we were always inviting people over to eat, then talk, then eat some more.

I was born to Filipino parents in the United States. We moved to Montreal, Canada when I was in grade school. As I was growing up, my mother and grandmother schooled me in Filipino cooking, and my dad in baking. I got married, and my military husband and I have trekked across Canada and overseas, living in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the United Kingdom. We’ve visited over twenty countries in four continents. Have I mentioned that I like traveling?

I have three small children; two boys and a girl, and I love them to bits – even though it’s been really hard to keep the house clean for two minutes, and practically impossible to lose any of the extra weight (I’m working on it; really, but not really)! These three small individuals have been a true education for me; teaching me the difference between tidy and clean, the true meaning of a late night, and absolute terror and joy. (The language geek in me also marvels at their evolving use of past tenses.)

By day, I am a language instructor and instructional designer. In the evenings, I scramble after my family. At night (or in the wee hours of the morning), I dream up recipes for this blog. Most of all, I just like to welcome people into our home for warm conversation and food cooked with love and care. I hope you find this site encouraging and useful.

I upload video recipes to YouTube, short videos to TikTok, and random food photos to Instagram.

I’m so happy you’re here!

The Hungry Host