Slow Cooker Filipino Pulled Pork (Pork Asado for Siopao) Recipe

Have I mentioned how much I love my new slow cooker? Well, it’s amazing. I’ve made soup, stocks, stews and more; it has made my life as a working mum easier, and to be honest, healthier too. This is a particularly healthy recipe, but it is delicious. Filipino pulled pork, a version of asado, is typically shredded and used as a filling for siopao, a meat-stuffed steamed bun. It’s also good with rice and a fried egg or on a regular or steamed bun. It’s best served with siopao sauce.

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Difficulty: Beginner



    1. Mix the brown sugar, oyster sauce, soy sauce, garlic and onion in the crock pot.
    2. Add the chunks of pork and coat evenly with the sauce.
    3. Cook for 6-8 hours on low.
    4. Strain out the chunks to a pan. Shred the meat. Return to the slow cooker, mix, and cook for another 2-4 hours.
    5. Serve on a bun or with rice.


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